The Australian 10 cent coin features a beautiful bird known as the superb lyrebird. This bird is most famous for an amazing repertoire of song and dance, calls and mimicry of his own and other birds calls and even man made sounds. This distinct call is sometimes heard in the subtropical rainforests of eastern australia.

A short drive from the Gold Coast, the traveller can find the right habitat. Here you might be lucky to see or hear a cousin of superb lyrebird, a special sub species called Alberts lyrebird…. Very special in that, this bird is a rarity and vulnerable as this bird has a range and territory of only around 100 kilometres of the whole of the Australian mainland. Calls are more often heard during breeding season in the winter months the males produce a great variety of sounds including calls from some iconic birds such as the kookaburra, king parrot, satin bower bird and many other bird calls. Australia’s lyrebirds are also famous for reproducing a variety of sometimes man made it sounds such as small engines such as a chainsaw, lawnmower, a telephone ringing or perhaps a car driving past… Or a dog barking with such precision sometimes it’s hard to know if it is the lyre bird or the real thing!… Join us on one of our tours or we can customise an excursion to suit birdwatchers for the chance to maybe see or hear one of these magnificent birds.

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Post by Chris- Lead Guide-Bird lover